Frequently Asked Questions

Required equipment can vary depending on your requirements and equipment available at your facility. We can make a minimum recommendation, but in many cases you may want more than the minimum configuration.  Please see our home page for more details or contact us with your exact requirements so we can prepare a custom proposal to meet your needs.

Shipping is included with every quote, and we usually ship via DHL, UPS, FedEx, and USPS. We can also ship using your preferred shipping account.  Whatever your shipping needs, we can work with you.

Please visit our Warranty and Repair page for all the details on Createch Rehder Development Co. ‘s Warranty and Repair Policies.
Yes, Createch Rehder Development Co. offers a full line of service and superior levels of support for every product we sell.  Upgrades, repairs, refurbishment, setup and training are all available based on your needs.  Please see our services page for more details.

Each of our instruments are hand built to exacting standards, using the highest quality materials available.  We test and retest each instrument and often tune it to the final customer specifications. Our instruments are hand made from the highest quality materials available, we are not able to offer discounts on the products sold here.

Using the ET-3 is simple and after some practice most operators can make accurate, repeatable measurements. For a quick overview on the ET-3’s use click on the linked ET-3 Use Manual or consult the user manual.