Permeability Testing

201T – The most advanced Oxygen Polarographic Amplifier System available for contact lenses.

The 201T Permeometer is a highly specialized instrument, primarily used by contact lens manufacturers, researchers, and independent testing facilities. It is designed to accurately measure the oxygen permeability of soft contact lenses and other soft materials. Intended for use with Createch Rehder Development Co. polarographic cells, the 201T Permeometer is designed to meet the specifications of ISO 9913 and ISO 18369. The 201T Permeometer provides a stable excitation voltage and simultaneously displays cell current and temperature on easy to read 3 1/2 digit displays. This model has a long record of reliability and is “CE” certified.

Top Features

  • The 201T simultaneously displays the cell current and the temperature on easy to read 3.5 digit displays
  • The display can be switched between 2 cell inputs, allowing one cell to decay while the other is being read
  • State of the art design has eliminated the “zero” and “calibrate” knobs associated with other instruments
  • Accurate to 0.5% of reading +/-1 count
  • 1 Year Full Warranty

Additional Options

  • 105 to 125 VAC or 210 to 250 VAC (please specify when ordering)
  • Specific Power Cord Types

Recommended Accessories

Test Modules

We recommend purchasing a set of test modules to quickly and easily verify proper operation and calibration.

Data Package

This package includes an RS232 data port, cables, and Windows compatible software. It eliminates the need for a chart recorder, and allows for the data to be captured automatically, reducing the risk of operator error when transcribing data.

Cell Mounting Fixture

This fixture is designed to hold Createch Rehder Development Co. polarographic cells in place during testing. It works with both flat and curved cells.

Polarographic Cells

This highly specialized cell is constructed under precise specifications utilizing only the highest grade of materials.

Createch Rehder Development Co. Polarographic Cells are designed primarily for the purpose of measuring oxygen transmissibility (Dk/t) of gas permeable hard or soft contact lenses and contact lens materials. The cells are designed to operate in conjunction with the 201T and a cell mounting fixture to hold the lens in place on the cell.

The cells are utilized by standard polarographic measuring procedures as described by Dr. Irving Fatt in the March 1982, March 1984 and October 1987 issue of the International Contact Lens Clinic. Transmissibility (Dk/t) is a property of the sample and is the measured quantity using the cell. To obtain the permeability (Dk) of the material, Dk/t is multiplied by the sample thickness (t). The thickness of your sample may be measured in microns on the model ET-3, Electronic Thickness Gauge.

Top Features

  • 24 karat gold cathode
  • 99.9% pure silver anode
  • As specified in ISO 9913 and ISO 18369
  • Lab calibrated temperature sensor
  • Long record of reliability and is CE certified.
  • 1 Year Full Warranty

Additional Options

  • Cell can be furnished with flat or radiused working surface.
  • 5mm to 9.0mm radius available
  • Guard Ring Configuration available
  • Cells are made to order, and custom options are available.